Lisa Dicker ('14)

Lisa Dicker

As a student from the small town of Tullahoma, I never imagined the opportunities that would be available to me at UT–international study and travel, undergraduate research with incredible faculty, and exposure to world-class leaders and scholars. Most of these experiences were made possible by generous alumni who chose to invest in my classmates and me.

As a student in the College of Arts & Sciences, I decided to take an interdisciplinary path in the study of political science and Asian studies with minors in Chinese, philosophy, and religious studies to combine all of my interests. While at UT, I have also been able to participate as the President of Mock Trial, President of the Central Programs Council, and as a member of the Dean’s Student Advisory Board.

Upon completion of my undergraduate work, it is my hope to attend law school and eventually work for the Department of State, specializing in international conflict and dispute resolution. I was recently given the opportunity to visit China and experience firsthand foreign policy in action, which just fueled that dream.

Though my studies are specialized, my undergraduate experience at UT is representative of students across our college. We all reap the benefits of private investment–the time that our instructors spend with us in the lab and classroom, the patience of advisors who guide us through our academic careers, and the experiences made possible to us through that support are truly meaningful.  

I assure you that your support of this great institution is making a difference in the lives of students and will yield remarkable results. The return on your generous investment in UT students will be the Big Ideas that address the challenges of tomorrow.

For Tennessee,
Lisa Dicker, ‘14
Senior, College of Arts & Sciences