David Seeman ('14)

Dave Seeman

When first arriving at the University of Tennessee, I didn’t know what to expect. Now as a senior in the College of Engineering, where I am majoring in mechanical engineering, I look back in amazement at the incredible opportunities made available to me at UT — many because of generous alumni and donors who have chosen to invest in my classmates and me.

My UT experience got a jumpstart when I was given the opportunity to develop my Big Idea of creating a mobile application. I have always had a passion for reading and literacy in people of all ages. At UT, I was able to combine this interest with the knowledge gained in my mechanical engineering classes to create a real-world application — Readible. Readible is a subscription reading service that operates through a web and mobile application. It’s a unique app that incorporates the tools necessary to help individuals finish a book and enable teachers to monitor students’ progress
while improving their reading skills.

With all that I’ve learned and experienced at UT, I hope to embark on a successful career and impact future generations through reading.

Thank you for supporting the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, allowing students like me to explore our passions and Big Ideas for the future. Your gift to the university will have a lifelong effect on current and future students.

For Tennessee,
David Seeman, ‘14
Senior, College of Engineering