Brooke Boyd ('14)

Brook Boyd

Coming from such a small farming community in rural Florida, I remember how nervous I was regarding the law school application process. When making my decision, some advisors said to focus on rank, while current law school students suggested I focus on the school’s academic tracks, tuition costs, reputation, and clinical and practical experience opportunities. Just days before a decision had to be made, I found myself touring the University of Tennessee College of Law. I instantly fell in love. UT had everything I could have asked for: wonderful, supporting faculty and staff encouraging an atmosphere of learning and success, a beautiful campus, excellent extracurricular programs, and an impeccable reputation in the legal community. My husband and I both knew as we walked the halls this would be where I would spent the next three years.

Although UT has many opportunities to choose from, I found myself most drawn to the UT Pro Bono program. This year, I will serve as the UT Pro Bono Director. Since joining the UT Law family, I have experienced the overwhelming support of Dean Blaze, the UT Pro Bono Committee, faculty, and students for creating equal access to justice in our communities. I have served over 300 hours in pro bono legal service and an additional 400 hours as a Tapil/Kolwyck fellow. Last year, collectively, the UT College of Law student body served over 7,000 hours of pro bono legal service in our community and beyond.

It is because of the generous support of our alumni that the current student body is able to do so much. Unlike other law schools, at UT we have the benefit of a great education paired with the third lowest tuition fees in the country allowing students to focus on making the most of their careers now.

Thank you for supporting the College of Law and the University of Tennessee, allowing students like me to explore our passions and big ideas for the future. Your gift to the college will have a lifelong effect on me and my classmates as well as future students.

For Tennessee,
Brooke Boyd, ‘14
College of Law